Questions & Answers

Where does GrowUp do its vertical plantistry?

We create living walls in homes and businesses in San Francisco, California. We hope to branch out to other parts of the Bay Area soon, please stay tuned!

How can I get a plant wall at my place?

Fill out our contact form. Then we’ll discuss your project and start the process of finding the perfect spot and the greatest plants. After visiting your space and ordering the materials and plants (unless you have your own or want to buy your own, that’s cool too!), we’ll schedule a time to install your fabulous new living wall.

What happens after the wall is installed? How do I water it, feed it…?

Watering: Indoor living walls usually include a recirculating watering system. Simply put, the wall hangs over a basin of water (many decorative and inconspicuous options) where a submerged pump carries water through an irrigation tube up to the plants. The pump is plugged into the wall and connected to a timer.

When the timer turns the pump on (you choose the time of day), the water goes up and, as it drips down the wall, it waters the plants and falls back into the basin. So the wall waters itself and all you have to do is check now and then to make sure the basin is full of water. It’s a quiet system, the dripping sounds like a lovely fountain and you never have to worry if the plants are parched!

Feeding: There are a few ways to keep your wall plants fed with healthy macro and micro nutrients. We can figure out what works best based on a few factors, but we don’t use any synthetic chemicals so it’s safe for kids and pets – and the plants love it too.

Maintenance: We can also provide ongoing maintenance and nurturing services to keep your wall looking awesome.

What growing system(s) does GrowUp use?

For most projects, we love using Plants on Walls Florafelt gardening systems. They are well designed and crafted, made in the United States from recycled materials, and an absolute favorite among horticulturists. Plus, 99.99% of plants polled said they LOVE growing up in Florafelt pockets (we asked them).

We also custom design totally unique living walls and vertical structures or displays out of other plant-friendly materials. Either way, the plants and you will be pleased.

How much does a living wall cost?

Of course, it depends on many factors like the growing system, the kind and number of plants and the size of the wall. Everything is detailed and written down before we start so there are no surprises.